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Relief From Rheumatoid Arthritis


In 2009 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I made the decision to try acupuncture rather than begin taking medication. Bibi first treated me for my badly swollen and aching elbows. After about three months that pain went away to thankfully, never return.

My knees however, have become a long lasting problem and Bibi has been treating them on a regular basis. I do feel that because of these treatments I have not needed a knee replacement. Bibi is able to keep the inflammation under control and she deals with flare-ups as they occur.

A session with Bibi is similar to going to a spa. The rooms are comfortable, warm and cozy with accompanying music. The treatments are relaxing and I usually fall asleep. The massage afterwards allows me to leave feeling refreshed and pain free. This good feeling lasts for days after the visit.

Bibi is very flexible and will deal with any complaint that I may have. This includes headaches, digestive problems, as well as stress. Bibi also helped me through the grieving process involved with the sudden death of my husband of many years. I drive 60 miles round trip for these sessions and they are an important part of my life.

The final thought that I have is that Bibi is kind, caring and genuinely wants to help each of her patients. I call it Bibi magic.

Ermine C